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Wild Life


The park embraces the picturesque broad flat valley consisting of vast Savannah and surrounded by hills drained by small rivers .Savannah woodland ,bamboo brakes dry deciduous forests and Sissu-Khair forests provide as variety of vegetation and consequently habitats for different species of wild life. The Ramganga river meandering its way through the park with some deep pools and foaming rapids forms the main water source.

Good size patches of thick elephant grass growing along the river banks and moist localities provide ideal shelter to the tiger. The forests in the park mainly consists of Shisham,Sal & Chir.


The park is rich in wild life such as elephant ,tiger ,panther ,bear ,dear ,pig,jungle cats, porcupine ,hyena ,and jackal. Amongst the birds are the pea fowl,the jungle fowl ,grey and black partridge,pigeons,quails ,kingfisher ,kite ,lark and the woodpecker. The Ramganga is full of mahaseer fishes.Amongst the reptiles are python,crocodile and many species of lizards and snakes.

Tigers are fairly well distributed over the park and inhabit the large number of nalas , ravines and open glades The natural food of the tiger consists of Sambhar,Chital ,Kakar ,Para and wild boar is found in plenty all over the reserve .Sloth bears are confined mainly to hilly area .Several elephants live in the park ,but they keep moving to the adjoining forests in search of food.