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Fishes in the lakes of Nainital


The fishes belong to one group commonly known as carps . Generally cat fishes are not found in the lake . Among carps both major and minor fishes are present in the lake . The major fishes have three important classes , Mahaseer the so called hill trout and the mirror carp .


Two species of this fish are found in the region .

Tor tor : The red finned mahaseer.

Tor putitora : The yellow finned mahaseer . It is highly valued as a food fish, and normally grows to a large size from 20 to 60 Cms.

Hill Trout

Commonly known as Asela or Rasela. This fish comprises three species.

Mirror Carp

Cyprinus carpis, it has been imported and is bred on a large scale in Nainital.

The common carp fishes such as mahaseer and hill trout have been found to breed several times

during one spawning season from May to September.